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Title : Muppet Racemania


Muppet RaceMania is a PlayStation racing game that was developed by Traveller’s Tales Ltd., and published by Midway that was released in 2000. The game includes the choice of 25 muppet characters driving 25 vehicles. They race on 34 tracks based on sites in Muppet films (The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, The Muppets Take Manhattan, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Treasure Island and Muppets From Space), and Muppet TV programs (The Muppet theatre from The Muppet Show, and the caves from Fraggle Rock).

Extra characters were unlocked by beating them in races or battles, or by finding them hidden in different tracks. Also hidden are clips from the Muppet movies.

This game marked the first vocal appearance by Scooter and Janice since the death of Richard Hunt. Both were performed by Matt Vogel, the only time he voiced these characters.


Bill Barretta, Kevin Clash, Dave Goelz, Brian Henson, John Kennedy, Jerry Nelson, Frank Oz, Matt Vogel, Jim Henson, Richard Hunt


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Batman: Arkham City Achievement List, Wallpapers, Video help


Title : Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City is a 2011 action-adventure video game developed by Rocksteady Studios. It is the sequel to the 2009 video game Batman: Arkham Asylum, based on the DC Comics superhero Batman. The game was released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. The game was officially announced during the 2009 Spike Video Game Awards and was released worldwide for consoles, beginning in North America on October 18, 2011, with the Microsoft Windows version following on November 22, 2011. A Wii U version is set to release in 2012. An iOS game, Batman: Arkham City Lockdown, was developed by NetherRealm Studios and released on December 7, 2011.[9]

Arkham City was scripted by veteran comic book author Paul Dini, who also scripted Arkham Asylum. It features a main plot and side-missions that develop their own sub-plots. The main storyline revolves around Batman’s imprisonment in Arkham City, a sprawling new super-prison five times bigger than the original asylum and enclosing a wide variety of industrial districts, iconic locations and Gotham City landmarks. He must now stop mishaps occurring around this chaotic enclosure caused by Gotham’s most notorious super criminals. The game has received universal critical acclaim, making it one of the highest rated video games released in 2011.


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Backyard Monsters Facebook Game Cheats, Wallpapers, Video help


Title : Backyard Monsters

This is a modified version of this defense strategy. In the video, maximum importance is given to silos and town hall and very less importance is given to resource harvesters. This base can be a farm if not made properly as full resource harvesters can give up to 757,000 resources to the attacker. This kind of base can be made with a level 6 Town Hall but it puts you at a disadvantage because you do not have as many blocks as you would with a higher level Town Hall. It is not very important to upgrade all blocks to gold or black diamond, even stone or metal walls can deter enemies. The quadrant base is weak to air attacks so make sure you have good sniper tower placement and keep your aerial defense towers upgraded with your laser and tesla towers. 

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Cheats for Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Title : Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

The aim of the game is to collect the gold bricks scattered throughout the game. In the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions there are 160 to collect; 120 of these are for the main levels. There are three for each of the levels. One is for completing the level in story mode, the second is for collecting a set amount of studs/coins to achieve a “True Jedi” status and the third is by collecting the 10 LEGO canisters, called “minikits,” which are hidden around the level. There are 20 gold bricks for completing the Bounty Hunter missions which involve finding key members of the Republic and Rebellion for Jabba the Hutt’s capture and subsequent ransom. There are 6 gold bricks for completing the bonus missions and 14 to buy at the Cantina.
There are 36 story levels, 20 bounty hunter missions, and six bonus levels (two Lego Cities, two story levels, and the original pod race and gunship levels). Most of the story levels are the same as those found in the original games. A level involving the pursuit of bounty hunter Zam Wesell has been added (this was a deleted level from LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game), while another level that was cut from the first game is included as a bonus level. This level utilizes vehicle free-roam from the second game.
The game takes place from “the Trade Federation’s negotiations” above Naboo in Episode I: The Phantom Menace to the space battle above Endor in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. The “Gunship Cavalry” and “Mos Espa Podrace” levels have been redesigned although the original versions are still in the game as bonus levels. However, “Battle over Coruscant” remains the same except that players can change vehicles in free-play. A brand new 2-player Battle Arena mode has been added, called “arcade mode”, new vehicle bonus missions, the red power bricks from Lego Star Wars II, and 10 additional bounty hunter missions add new challenges to the Prequel Trilogy portions originally seen in Lego Star Wars: The Video Game. The Episodes I-II-III levels have been updated so that characters can build and ride vehicles, wear helmets and gain access to bounty hunter and stormtrooper areas, and those characters now have the ability to dodge blaster fire and have their own special melee attack (for example, Chewbacca rips off arms). The music in the levels from Episode III: Revenge of the Sith are no longer songs from Episodes IV-V-VI. It is now from the soundtrack of Episode III itself, although some music from IV-V-VI does appear in III. New Jedi Force moves are included. New characters have also been added, bringing the total up to 160. Indiana Jones is an unlockable playable character.

Go to the Cantina, and access the codes command. Then, insert the following codes to unlock

Battle Droid Commander: code KPF958

Boba Fett (Boy): code GGF539

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SWAT 3 Close Quarters Battle Game Cheats, Wallpapers, Video help

Title : SWAT 3 Close Quarters Battle

As the name indicates, the game is based on CQB tactics. The player is in charge of a 5-man SWAT element, and unlike other tactical shooters, such as the comparable Rainbow Six games, the player is a police officer; therefore arresting rather than simply shooting suspects on sight is the primary objective. The improper use of deadly force (when a suspect is wounded and unable to use weapons, has surrendered or poses no threat) is penalized in the game.
The single player game features four elective weapons; the HK MP5 and MP5SD, the Benelli M1 Super 90 and the Colt M4A1, in addition to the modified Springfield M1911 side arm issued to all LAPD SWAT officers. All of these feature a flashlight and some have modifications to give SWAT a tactical advantage in certain situations; for example, the M4A1 can fire ‘beanbag’ less than lethal rounds which hurt but do not kill targets, and the M1 Super 90 has secondary breaching ammunition for shooting locks out of doors. Others have a selection of full metal jacket and expanding hollow point ammunition, whose effectiveness depends upon the situation and the target.
Unlike some other games, some weaponry and ammunition is actually able to penetrate through walls, which makes spray-firing a risk, as a stray bullet can pass through a wall and hit an innocent.
Firearms are augmented by a number of tactical aids, such as CS gas and flashbang grenades, chemical lightsticks, breaching explosives and the ‘opti-wand’; a miniature camera on a telescopic wand used for searching around corners, an update to the mirror-on-a-stick solution used by real life police.
SWAT officers are outfitted much like in real life, with some advancements for the game’s near-futuristic (in 1999) setting; these are used to explain elements of gameplay, such as the HUD; officer’s fully enclosed helmets have relevant information, such as ammunition counts and a target reticule projected onto the faceplate.
Instead of traditional health points, SWAT3 has a health ‘scale’ more similar to a life bar, representing sensors monitoring blood loss and body temperature. Wounds cannot be healed mid-mission, and an officer can take very few hits before being incapacitated. This necessitates the use of flashbangs when entering an area, to distract and disorient armed suspects waiting in ambush.
The game has three difficulty levels; easy, medium and hard, which increase the aggression and tactical intelligence of suspects and reduces their likelihood of surrender. There is also a ‘response time’ options for AI officers and suspects, ranging from 1 to 20 milliseconds, which dictates how quickly officers and suspects respond to changing situations.
Within a mission, the game has two ‘modes’: stealth, and dynamic. In stealth mode, officers move slowly and cautiously, use the opti-wand on doorways and corners, speak softly, do not use flashbangs and pick locked doors instead of destroying them. Suspects are unaware of or can lose track of the police in stealth mode, and the police gain an element of surprise, especially if the player opts to start the mission in stealth mode. When a suspect is encountered, the game automatically switches to dynamic mode. In dynamic mode, officers move quickly, speak loudly and shout, and use flashbangs and breaching explosives when appropriate. The player can switch freely between stealth and dynamic modes.


While playing, press SHIFT + ~ to bring down the console, then type: whosyourboss Force team to fire weapon

For Slow Motion
While playing, press SHIFT + ~ to bring down the console, then type: johnwoo Slows down entire game process

For More Blood
While playing, press SHIFT + ~ to bring down the console, then type: nc17 Bodies bleed more when injured

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Neverwinter Nights: Kingmaker Pc Game Cheats, Wallpapers, Video Help

Title : Neverwinter Nights: Kingmaker
This module is the expansion pack’s namesake and shows a number of parallels to Neverwinter Nights 2. In the game, the player starts out with 4 companions. Through a short conversation and an easy fight scene, the player gets a quick look at each of the character’s allies before having to choose only two to continue on with. The next part of the game revolves around trying to get enough guilds to elect the player as Lord of the Keep. If and when they succeed, the third stage of the game begins, where the player goes to fight their ultimate enemy, the Masked Man.
During gameplay, press Ctrl + Space and enter the following: CLUAConsole:CreateCreature(“gendao01”)
Change your character’s age
Press Tilde to access the console then enter the following: dm_modifyage # Note: If you entered the code correctly, the message “Success” will appear. If the message “Entered Target Mode” appears, click the desired character to apply the cheat. Remember to put the numbers you want after the # sign.
Change your character’s appearance.
Press Tilde to access the console then enter the following: SetAppearance Note: If you entered the code correctly, the message “Success” will appear. If the message “Entered Target Mode” appears, click the desired character to apply the cheat. Remember to put the numbers you want after the # sign.
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Facebook Game ‘YoVille’ Cheats, Free YoCash, Free YoCoins, Wallpapers, Vodeo help


Title : Yoville

YoVille is a browser based virtual world game owned by Zynga as an application. Initially developed by independent developers, YoVille was acquired by Zynga in 2008. YoVille was the first of the successful -Ville series of social/casual games by Zynga. The game allows Facebook or Myspace members to arrange their apartment with furniture, work in factories for virtual cash and meet with any other players and chat with them outside their apartment, in their apartment or wherever they are. Players can visit anybody’s apartment or public places like the Nightclub, Diner, YoDepot, the Beach, Furniture Store, Fashion Store, etc. The game currently has about 2 million users.

How to get yocash 
We can purchase YoCash gift cards where the gift cards are sold.
We can purchase it in the game using credit cards.
We can also purchase using Paypal and by Amazon.
We can purchase using Cell Phone.
Some times you are given free yocash gifts while playing the games.
We can receive up to 5 free YoCash by installing the YoVille toolbar. This is only valid with the official toolbar that is directly from Zynga.

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